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When most people think about the future of marketing, email is one that always comes up first. While it comes across as cheaper than direct mail, it’s not always better. Email advertising is still “new” because while there is tons and tons of emails being sent each day, how many of them are you actually reading?

I know when I first get to work in the morning I delete at least 5-10 emails. My personal email SPAM folder catches 30-40 a day… And I know what I get is on the complete light side. Then, how much of that “Spam” isn’t really spam. Or maybe it’s that Kohl’s coupon you signed up for. Or regretfully your bill. And now you’re going to be late.

In the US, we have laws against Spamming. Which is great, but most of the Spam you get isn’t coming from the US, it’s coming from you uncle in Zamunda who just needs you to wire him $1,000 and he will gladly release $100,000,000 to you tomorrow. And something else that is funny, there are actually people behind those messages. I have actually seen someone respond to that letter and get a call back from someone overseas about it. Hard to believe, right?

That being said, emailing current customers is something that still works most of the time. I know that I’ve signed up for many a email list from certain vendors I’ve worked with, and I do enjoy when their emails come in. But seriously, how many emails did you get today and how many did you fully read?

The best form of email marketing, in my mind is from your current customers. Don’t have their emails? We can help you with our appending services. Quick turnarounds and low minimums are available for email appends.

Just remember though, like the video says – A letter from the USPS has never given your fridge a virus!