Have you started to see a bunch of returns every time you mail?

Stop throwing away money and find out where your customers have gone with National Change of Address (NCOA)!

National Change of Address (NCOALink) is a service that is offered by Postcard GR that can help find where your missing clients have gone to. It reviews the name & address of every individual on your database and can update their mailing address as far back as five years ago!

Every year, 20% of the US population moves to a new address – Allow Postcard GR to find your missing customers!

All of the following are included within your National Change of Address list processing:

  • Delivery Sequence – Confirms that your address is correct, and returns a “score” based on how deliverable the mailing address is.
  • DMA Suppression list – we can remove individuals that don’t want to receive mail any longer.
  • Deceased individuals – We can help remove individuals who have died from your mailing list
  • Prison Suppression – Flags names of those individuals that are currently incarcerated.
  • CASS Certification
  • Seasonal Addressing
  • Vacant Addresses
  • Residential Vs. Business Mailing Address

Clean up your database today and let Postcard GR help!

Fast 3 hour service available upon request!